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IEEE 802.11, the standard also known as Wi-Fi®, celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2015. Learn more about the amazing journey of Wi-Fi and the role IEEE has played in advancing technological innovation:http://bit.ly/29t1cq2 IEEE Standards Association
Rising 25 Years of IEEE 802.11 IEEE 802.11™, the standard also known as Wi-Fi®, had a big year in 2015 — it celebrated its 25th anniversary. The wireless standard has come a long way since it first originated at an IEEE working group meeting in September 1990. Early Wi-Fi supported data rates were j...


Pronunciation: /ˈwʌɪfʌɪ/ 


A facility allowing computers, smartphones, or other devices to connect to the Internet or communicate with one another wirelessly within a particular area.


1990s: from wireless + an apparently arbitrary second element, after hi-fi; sometimes incorrectly interpreted as a shortening of Wireless Fidelity.

the ozone hole over Antarctica

The ozone hole over Antarctica is beginning to heal!

The ozone hole over the Antarctic has begun to heal, according to a new…

cloud, lock-in

Study proposes multi-cloud scheme could help businesses reduce storage costs by 20% and avoid cloud vendor lock-in issues. 

2013 誰能繼承喬布斯的“鎖入派”衣砵
喬布斯堪稱“鎖入派”(Lock in)大師,一旦落入他的羅網,不論消費者還是合作方,恐怕都難以輕易逃脫。系統思維,這是一份很難被人繼承的喬布斯遺產。

Right-to-die campaigners lose battle
The family of late locked-in syndrome sufferer Tony Nicklinson and paralysed road accident victim Paul Lamb lose their right-to-die Appeal Court...

(usually the cloudComputing A network of remote servers hosted on the Internet and used to store, manage, and process data in place of local servers or personal computers:there’s a rich, complex, shared data store in the cloud[AS MODIFIER]: once you are logged in to your cloud storage space, you can upload files to it and share them with others

vendor lock in
1. Enclose, surround, as in The ship was completely locked in ice[c. 1400s]
2. Also, lock into. Fix firmly in position, commit to something. This phrase often occurs as be locked in or into, as in She felt she was locked in a binding agreement, or Many of the stockholders are locked into their present positions[Mid-1900s]




1An arrangement according to which a person or company is obliged to deal only with a specific company.
1.1A period during which a person or company is bound by the terms of a contract:[AS MODIFIER]: a lock-in period
2British A period during which customers are locked into a bar or pub after closing time to continue drinking privately.
3protest demonstration in which a group locks itself within an office or factory.

speed bump, microprudential regulation

“The problem with [focusing on microprudential rules] is it ignores systemic risk.” -- The Wharton School's Franklin Allen
The recent Brexit vote underscores the need by nations to pay attention to…

IEX is hoping to make Wall Street fairer with a "speed bump" to slow down high-frequency traders

The term microprudential regulation or microprudential supervision refers to firm-level oversight or financial regulation by regulators of financial institutions, "ensuring the balance sheets of individual institutions are robust to shocks".

Microprudential regulation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


speed bump

(also speed hump)

NOUN  1975

A ridge set at intervals in a road surface to control the speed of vehicles.

drive time, drive-in


Pronunciation: /ˈdrʌɪvɪn/ 


Denoting a facility such as a cinema or restaurant that one can visit without leaving one’s car:a drive-in cinema


A drive-in facility:he bit into a huge burger at the drive-in

drive time 


NOUN  1975

(Especially in broadcasting) the parts of the day when many people commute by car:[AS MODIFIER]: drive-time radio

planned obsolescence

...一些公司人為的設置了(產品)使用壽命,這樣就可以獲得重覆銷售的利潤。「這是計劃性報廢的陰謀論,」西北大學(Northwestern University)市場營銷系教授莫漢比爾·索尼(Mohanbir Sawhney)說。

planned obsolescence


A policy of producing consumer goods that rapidly become obsolete and so require replacing, achieved by frequent changes in designtermination of the supply of spare parts, and the use of non-durable materials.
Example sentences
  • Following his own advice, he introduced annual model changes for GM cars - planned obsolescence designed to make the consumer discontented with what he or she already had.
  • Big business gave us planned obsolescence and blundering corporations.
  • But dig a little deeper and the truth is more complex and may say as much about planned obsolescence as it does consumer safety.

shock jock, shock wave

Michael Gove has sent shockwaves across Westminster. He is to stand for the Conservative party leadership, saying he does not believe Boris Johnson can “provide the leadership or build the team for the task ahead”. Follow every detail live with us.

shock wave 



1A sharp change of pressure in a narrow region travelling through a medium, especially air, caused by explosion or by a body moving faster than sound:the shock waves of the explosion
1.1(usually shock waves) A widespread feeling of shock caused by an unexpected event:the oil embargo sent shock waves through the American economy

shock jock 


NOUN  1986

disc jockey on a talk-radio show who expresses opinions in a deliberately offensive orprovocative way:right-wing American shock jock

jock 1 

Pronunciation: /dʒɒk/ 


2North American An enthusiast or participant in a specified activity:a computer jock
2.1US A pilot or astronaut.


Late 18th century (denoting a rider in horse races): abbreviation.